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In August 2009, Pastors and ministry leaders from across the country gathered together at the Cathedral of Praise Church Ministries in Hinesville, Georgia to organize the Kingdom Fellowship of Interdependent Ministries. This organization would not only provide fellowship for Christian Pastors, ministers and leaders, but also education, training and an opportunity to work collectively to make an economic impact in the earth, so that the Kingdom of God might be further advanced. Thus, the Kingdom Fellowship of Interdependent Ministries (“the Kingdom Fellowship”) was birthed. 

As a Fellowship, we have accepted the mandate from God and exist merely to model and further the church’s purpose by ministering God’s Word, will and way throughout the world. Our organization seeks to capture the essence of the apostolic, historical and theological paradigm that endeavors to promote the best of the Protestant and Pentecostal Church.


" A Place of Purpose and Destiny! "

© 2017. Kingdom Fellowship of Interdependent Ministries

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